1. Health concerns for senior adults

    Understanding the risks The US population is seeing a strong growth in the size of the senior population. In 2016, 49 million adults were 65 or older. In nine years, that population is expected to reach 71 million, and by 2060, this age group should be 25% of the total US population. As our populati…Read More

  2. Back to school checklist

    Summer is a great time to schedule well visits Summer has arrived. You’ve likely scheduled a full list of activities for your children this summer: a vacation such as a beach trip, summer camps, Vacation Bible School, extra visits to see family, and much more. Make sure you are scheduling the annu…Read More

  3. East Tennesseans at risk for hypertension

    What is the range of a healthy blood pressure? This is an important answer to know. May marks Blood Pressure Awareness Month and is a great time to educate yourself on your personal blood pressure and if it is within a healthy range. Blood pressure is the pressure of flowing blood pressing against t…Read More

  4. What is Stress?

    Stress can cause adverse effects to health. Stress is simply our body’s reaction to change in our situation or environment. Everyone experiences stress, but how we respond to the stressors is important.  April marks Stress Awareness Month. This a good time to allow us to prioritize monitoring an…Read More

  5. Building healthy habits

    Improving your quality of life through small changes. We all desire a great quality of life. We want to be able to play with our kids, go out to dinner with our friends, and enjoy an active life. HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical is here to help you along your journey to improving and maintainin…Read More

  6. February is National Heart Health Month

    HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical reminds you it’s always a good time to take care of your heart! Heart Health Month History Coronary Heart Disease is the number one killer of Americans. That’s why HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical wants you to get to get to know your heart a little bett…Read More

  7. January is National Thyroid Awareness Month

    HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical wants you to get to know your thyroid better. The little gland with a big impact on your body It is estimated that nearly 27 million people have known thyroid conditions and that as many as 13 million people remain undiagnosed. That’s why HealthStar Physicians…Read More

  8. HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical Urges You to Remember Your Wellness Exam

    Why Wellness Exams are more important than ever. What is a wellness exam? An annual wellness exam is a yearly appointment with your doctor or primary healthcare provider to discuss your health and create or update a personal plan for wellness. The plan, tailored to you, may help prevent illness bas…Read More

  9. HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical Knows Managing Your Diabetes Means Helping You Thrive

    November is Diabetes Awareness Month Your blood sugar matters. It is estimated that more than 34,000 people in the United States suffer from diabetes. Because November is Diabetes Awareness Month and because diabetes can have debilitating effects when not properly managed, HealthStar Physicians Prem…Read More

  10. HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical Cares About Your Breast Health

    Don’t forget that October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Breast health is critical to your overall wellness as a woman Because breast health is such an important topic, and October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical wants to remind you that it’s also a good…Read More