1. Allergies

    Spring Allergies

    Hay Fever and Allergic Asthma May marks Allergy and Asthma Awareness Month. We sure are aware of allergens here in East Tennessee. As the weather begins to become warmer the grass and tree allergens soar making many of us reach for our allergy medications. Allergic Asthma Many of us have allergies t…Read More

  2. vascular health

    Local Vascular Health Services

    Promoting wound healing right here in Newport Do you have a vascular condition? You may say that you have no idea. There are several symptoms that are indications of an underlying vascular condition that could need medical attention. These include: lack of circulation, pain, numbness, or heaviness i…Read More

  3. your body needs sleep

    Lack of sleep impacts overall health

    The risks associated with insomnia Babies eat, sleep, poop and repeat. Sleep is a basic function. Just because we age doesn’t mean we don’t need sleep. Our bodies need sleep to recharge and function. Let’s talk about the importance of sleep. Sleep deprivation affects brain function When we don…Read More

  4. Body Composition Analysis

    Heart health = Healthy lifestyle

    Make a plan and measure your success February is American Heart Health Month. This is a gentle reminder each year to pay attention to your cardiovascular health and review progress you have made on your health journey over the last 12 months.  How you can strengthen your heart Improving your overal…Read More

  5. child eating vegetables

    Healthy Relationship with Food

    Giving your child a lifetime of success As you’re reading this you may be snacking. You may have a bag of chips, a cookie, a celery stick or piece of fruit. Our eating habits are formed during childhood. Yes, we can change those habits but it takes work. Let’s discuss how you can set your child …Read More

  6. christmas tree

    Managing Your Stress over the Holidays

    Remembering to find Joy For many people December simply isn’t a joyful time. In an effort to make everything perfect, stress often takes over. For others they may miss loved ones or long for a holiday experience they don’t have finding themselves in the midst of depression. Let’s talk about ho…Read More

  7. finger prick

    What is diabetes?

    The different types of diabetes When the food you eat is broken down into glucose (sugar), it is released into your bloodstream. When your blood sugar goes up, your pancreas kicks in and releases insulin. Diabetes is a condition when your pancreas either doesn’t make enough insulin or your body do…Read More

  8. breast cancer awareness

    It’s time for breast exams

    Don't let another year pass As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We see the pink ribbons everywhere and many sports teams even wear pink this month to draw awareness.  Importance of awareness Breast cancer affects many women. As many as 1 in 8 women will develop invasive breast c…Read More

  9. Child Car Seat Safety

    Proper Installation Saves Lives Why is car seat safety so important? Installing your child’s car seat correctly and using it properly will help protect your child from death or major injury during a car accident. Data shows children are at risk in automobile accidents.  Motor vehicle crashes are …Read More

  10. Summer Sun Safety

    Protecting yourself from UV rays In August, we observe Summer Sun Safety. This reminds us to take care of our skin as we enjoy the last warm days of the summer. UV radiation is grouped into three categories based on their wavelength which is measured in nanometers.  Ultraviolet A (UVA) Ultraviolet…Read More