Summer is a great time to schedule well visits

Summer has arrived. You’ve likely scheduled a full list of activities for your children this summer: a vacation such as a beach trip, summer camps, Vacation Bible School, extra visits to see family, and much more. Make sure you are scheduling the annual doctor visits and dental exams this summer to ensure your child is on track for healthy development.

How often should my child see a doctor?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends annual pediatric well-visits for all school age children. The summer is a great time to schedule these visits with the extra time during the week.


Well-visits offer an opportunity to receive immunizations to prevent illnesses. Your pediatrician will have a recommended schedule which you can discuss. 

Tracking growth and development

During the annual visit, the child’s growth curve can be reviewed. This is a great time to have conversations on a healthy diet and maintaining balance in the child’s life. Starting these conversations early will help lay the foundation for lifelong habits. 

A child’s growth should also consider their social and learning behaviors. If there are any concerns, this visit provides an opportunity to address symptoms early. Lack of focus in the classroom could be driven by multiple factors, and the pediatrician can help narrow down the cause to help the child progress.

Ask questions

The annual well-visit is a chance to be your child’s advocate. Be sure to ask any questions during this visit. Are you concerned they aren’t focusing in class? Do you think your child is sleeping too much? Does your little one seem to anger easily? Whatever your concern, be sure to discuss these items with the pediatrician.

Prepare for extracurricular activities

In addition to a standard wellness exam, pediatricians can also conduct a sports physical. The AAP encourages all children to receive this exam whether it is required for a specific sport or not. This exam will discuss exercise-specific issues: injuries, nutrition, and the training/exercise programs. If a sports physical is required for a sport, be sure to bring the form with you to the appointment for a signature.

Maintain a relationship with your pediatrician

As your child grows, you want them to be able to speak openly with their doctor. Be sure to maintain the annual schedule of visits with your pediatrician so that your child expects these visits. Creating this routine will help establish a relationship of trust.

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