Remembering to find Joy

For many people December simply isn’t a joyful time. In an effort to make everything perfect, stress often takes over. For others they may miss loved ones or long for a holiday experience they don’t have finding themselves in the midst of depression. Let’s talk about how to best manage stress and depression during the holidays so that Christmas doesn’t jeopardize your health.

Let’s start with the stress

Preparing for the holidays can be quite stressful. You may be hosting and want to have everything in order. You want to be a great gift giver. And you have hurt feelings from previous years.

Organizing key rooms in your house

If you are hosting, first know that your family is thankful that you are opening up your home to them. You live in your house and it is okay that it looks like you live there. If you want to organize your home, hit the areas where you will spend the most time: your family room and kitchen. Everyone always congregates in the kitchen. Having these areas clean and organized will make the biggest impression. Here are some helpful tips to quickly organize your kitchen so that you are best using your time. 

Gift giving

When it comes to gift giving, it is wonderful to be generous, but you should also be mindful of your finances. The best way to approach gift giving is to set a budget first. Know what you can afford. Divide the budget among the people you plan to gift and stay within your means. Your loved ones can know that you thought of them without spending a lot of money. Items that are associated with memories are often more meaningful than gifts that are outside of your budget. 

Set aside differences

The stress of the past year and a half during the Covid-19 pandemic has escalated issues between people. Many people have been hurt. This has harmed relationships that may have already been fractured. Regardless of your quarrels, try to set aside any differences and express your love to your family. Enjoy the time that you can be together and avoid topics that may become heated. Letting the negativity take over can not only increase your stress levels but also that of your family members. 

Holidays are associated with memories

We all treasure the memories of previous holidays. Those memories remind us of loved ones who are no longer with us. Treasure these memories. Know that each year brings a slightly different holiday. If this is your first year without a particular loved one, talk about it. Don’t avoid those feelings. Sharing with friends and family will help you remember the joyful times. These friends and family may be grieving as well. 

If you are feeling isolated, seek community. Reach out to a friend that you may not have spoken to in a while. Attend church and share your feelings. There are many support groups available whether you need to talk, text, or video chat. Know that you are not alone.  

Enjoy the Holidays

Take control of your holidays. Let this be something you enjoy, not something you dread. If you are experiencing persistent sadness, high level stress, are irritable or hopeless, don’t be afraid to talk to your doctor. Recognizing symptoms of depression can help you address these issues before they take over your life. Healthstar Physicians Premier Medical is here to serve the medical needs of your entire family. We’re Newport’s compassionate and experienced healthcare provider. We’re accepting new patients, and we accept most forms of health insurance. Contact us to find out more.