This summer is the best time for your child’s checkup.

Lots of parents skipped pediatrician visits this year.

We understand! School ended early due to concerns about COVID-19, and many families weren’t sure if they should schedule their kids’ regular health visits. 

But school will start up again this fall, so now is a great time to catch up on what you may have missed with your child’s regular checkups. At HealthStar Physicians Premier Medical, we believe staying ahead of potential health problems is best!


Vaccinations, growth monitoring, milestones, mental health..

Don’t neglect your child’s regular health checks! This fall, they will join classmates, teachers and coaches they haven’t seen for months. It’s best to establish a good health baseline, and protect against any infectious diseases that they might come into contact with. 

Regular seasonal illnesses like colds and flu won’t be taking a vacation this fall and winter!


My child is fine … why should I schedule a pediatric checkup?

Just as it’s important for adults to have regular visits with their primary healthcare provider, kids benefit from checkups. It’s a good time for parents to ask about sleep concerns, growth questions, rashes, digestion … the things that don’t seem like an emergency, but should be noted. And, your child will be able to ask their own questions. Now is a great time for them to establish healthy habits, and a comfortable relationship with physicians.

Depending on the age of your child and the time of the last appointment, the pediatrician will: 

  • Check for and administer scheduled vaccines.
  • Examine kids’ spines, abdomen, and skin for telltale signs of health concerns.
  • Take blood pressure, check blood sugar, check cholesterol. 
  • Check balance and gait–important for your young sports stars, but also for regular development of the nervous system and musculoskeletal system. 


Don’t forget sports physicals!

High schools usually host physicals for athletes, but this year they were canceled, due to COVID-19. The deadline to get your student-athlete physical done is about 4-6 weeks away, making July the perfect time to get it knocked out. 


If you’re looking for a pediatrician in Newport..

Contact HealthStar Premier Medical to get started.

We’re committed to whole family health, and we use a holistic approach, which means we treat every health concern by looking at the bigger picture. Things like nutrition, exercise and mental health matter just as much as medication and vaccines! We can help you–and your child–feel more empowered about health.


Resources for a healthy child:

The American Academy of Pediatrics knows it can be daunting to navigate some of parenting’s scariest questions. Click here to read about signs of food allergies, tips for physical fitness, mental health, and more. The internet is full of parenting “advice” … make sure you’re getting information from a trusted source!

A few tips for your child’s health this summer: 

  • Make sure they’re getting plenty of sleep–up to 12 hours for grade schoolers!
  • Kids watch what you do, so show them how to eat healthy with your own diet.
  • Outside play is priceless! Turn off the TV and send them outside. Better yet, join them!
  • Pay attention to signs of anxiety. Talk with your child about how they’re feeling.


How has COVID-19 affected HealthStar Premier Medical’s office visits?

If you’re concerned about visiting the doctor’s office, know that we’re taking precautions. We’ve always worked to maintain a sterile, clean environment in all our offices. For our employees’ and patients’ protection, we now screen every patient who comes in with health history questions, and a temperature reading. We continue to disinfect all our surfaces often, and wear face masks. 


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